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The Alcohol Interlock Device and Program Qld
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The Alcohol Interlock Device and Program

Around 12,000 Queensland motorists are convicted of drink driving each year. In an effort to reduce these numbers the Queensland Government introduced new alcohol ignition interlock laws on 6 August 2010. Under the new laws, persons who have been charged with, or convicted of, a drink driving offence (DUI) may be required to install and use an interlock device in their vehicle.

The Device

An alcohol interlock device is attached to the ignition systems of vehicles. In order to start the vehicle, the person must blow into the device and record an alcohol concentration under the required limit.

Who It Applies To

Alcohol ignition interlocks will apply to offenders convicted of high-risk drink driving offences including:

  1. a drink driving offence with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or more, driving under the influence of liquor, or failure to provide a breath/blood specimen for analysis;
  2. dangerous driving while affected by alcohol; or
  3. two or more drink driving offences of any kind within a five year period.

The Interlock Program

The interlock device will be installed in offenders' vehicles at the end of their licence disqualification. The offender will be billed with supply and installation costs of approximately $2000.

The interlock program goes for a minimum of 12 months after which offenders may leave if they have completed the following requirements:

  1. held a valid Queensland driver licence with an ‘I’ (for ‘interlock’) on it;
  2. had their chosen vehicle fitted with an approved interlock;
  3. driven only their nominated vehicle;
  4. did not drink alcohol while driving.

If an offender refuses to have their vehicle fitted with the device or do not follow the rules of the interlock program they will face fines and a further two year licence disqualification.

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