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Mid Range Drink Driving 

From 1 July 2011, the State Government has introduced legislation that means that there is a new category of drink driving in Queensland.  This now means there is a mid-range drink driving category and is for part of what was previously the low range drink driving. The new offences catches a person with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of between 0.1 and below 0.15. The impact of the new legislation means that the police now can immediately suspend the licences of anyone with such a reading.

The main change is in relation to middle range.

  1. 0.00 and under 0.05 is the no alcohol limit;
  2. 0.05 and under 0.10 is the general alcohol limit;
  3. 0.10 and under 0.15 is the new middle range alcohol limit; and 
  4. 0.15 is the high range alcohol limit.

The legislation now provides that it is an offence to drive while over the middle alcohol limit but not over the high alcohol limit. It makes it tougher because there is now an immediate suspension until the matter is dealt with by the court (which was always the case for high range offences) rather than only a 24 hour disqualification.  

The eligibility requirement in relation to section 87 restricted work licences of 0.15 BAC threshold remains the same. However, if a person falls within the middle range, and are immediately suspended, then they may apply for a Section 79E Order Application which will allow them to drive under the hearing. The form must be lodged within 21 days after the suspension starts at the Magistrates’ Court, as usual,  either in the district where the offender resides or where the charge was laid.   This can mean further cost for applicants.

In regard to penalties if, a person is convicted of an offence against 79(1)(F) (no previous convictions in 5 years), then the minimum disqualification period is 3 months and maximum 9 months.  For those with a previous offence within 5 years, then the minimum is 3 months and the maximum is 18 months.

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