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Nil alcohol for provisional and probationary licence holders - Drink Driving, DUI

The legislation in Queensland has recently changed so that anyone who holds a provisional licence or a probationary licence is subject to a nil alcohol restriction. Up until recently, only those people who were under 25 were subject to this restriction.  It now applies no matter how old the driver is

Other consequences you need to keep in mind are that you are not eligible to apply for restricted work licences if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration and were on a nil-alcohol requirement. You could lose your job even if caught with only a small amount in your system.

Keep that in mind especially if you have had a big night and getting up early to drive to the shops or to work. Quite often we are in court for clients who think they have 'slept it off', but haven't allowed enough time for the alcohol to be out of the system.

If you are going to have anything to drink and you are on a provisional or probationary licence, keep in mind that you shouldn't drive or you do risk the consequences of losing your licence and maybe your job.

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